Program Your Phone

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DATA Configuration

  • Turn On Wi-Fi
  • Log on to a server (Safari)
  • Type in Airvoice.NewV1.mobileconfig into your address bar
  • Select install (top right corner)
  • Select next
  • Select install once more
  • Select done
  • Once installed turn off Wi-Fi
  • Turn on cellular data
  • Power cycle the phone off and back on
  • Then log on to the internet by selecting Safari (which is the Internet/browser) and entering a URL
  • Your data should be programmed at this time
  • When you are through browsing, always remember to turn off your Cellular Data by selecting:
    • Once in NETWORK, look for the Cellular Data bar and select it to turn it OFF. The next time you need to browse, turn your Cellular Data back on. This is an option, to preserve your MB that you are provided with on your data plan.
If you are still unable to browse at this point, please contact customer service from a different phone to make sure your account is set up accurately.