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Join the digital age!

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You can activate your Airvoice Wireless account and enjoy our free service in minutes without a physical SIM card, All you need is an eSIM and a compatible device

What is eSIM?

An eSIM is a SIM that's embedded in your phone, allowing for a faster and more secure activation. It stores your account info & phone number, just like a SIM card.
What is esim
Check out these eSIM benefits
What is esim
Faster Connection
Buy, activate, and manage eSIM without visiting a store or waiting for delivery.
What is esim
Enhanced Security
eSIMs come with built-in security allowing your device to hold more memory.
What is esim
Multiple Phone Lines
With an eSIM, you can keep two active phone numbers on one phone so you can juggle work and personal life easily.
What is esim
Better for the Planet
eSIM eliminates plastic, packaging and the transport of a physical SIM card.

Compatible Devices

Most phones produced post 2020 are compatible with eSIM or offer a dual SIM feature. However, devices purchased internationally might not support eSIM functionality. To utilize eSIM, ensure your phone is unlocked and supports this technology.
What is esim
Check eSIM Compatibility
Please make sure your phone is compatible before choosing an eSIM option
*Devices purchased overseas may not be eSIM compatible.

Switch to eSIM

An eSIM is a SIM that's embedded in your phone allowing for a faster and more secure activation. It stores your account info & phone number just like a SIM card. Check out these eSIM benefits:
For New Customers

Apply with Us

Sign up with AirVoice and select the mobile plan & service that best suits your needs by clicking here .

Select an eSIM Compatible Device

During your sign up process, please select a device that supports eSIM or bring your own eSIM-compatible device.

Choose eSIM Option

If your selected device is eSIM compatible, you will be able to select the eSIM option during the enrollment process.
For Existing Customers

Check Compatibility

Verify your device supports eSIM functionality.

Navigate to SIM Replacement

Access the SIM Replacement section within our app or our website.

Order an eSIM

Simply follow the provided prompts in the app to order your eSIM.

eSIM Installation

If you opt for one of our devices, your eSIM will be arrive pre-activated.
If not, please follow the instructions on the page below to install and set up your eSIM profile for your current device.
What is esim

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