At AirVoice Wireless, we know your phone is your life HQ.

Who We Are

Our mission at AirVoice is to provide dependable, affordable wireless service to our customers, backed by outstanding customer service. At AirVoice, our smart rate plans are designed to save you money so that you only pay for what you need.

AirVoice Wireless started in 1999 with a limited coverage area in California. Over the years, we have grown and expanded to support millions of customers nationwide and have become one of the top leading prepaid wireless carriers in the United States.

From our headquarters in Houston Texas, AirVoice Wireless provides an extensive inventory of quality new and reconditioned phones so we can cut out the middleman and pass the savings directly on to you.

Today, with the strongest and largest 5G+ GSM network and dedicated team, AirVoice Wireless provides service to a large subscriber base, adding thousands of new subscribers each day on both our AirTalk and AirVoice brands.

Our Commitment to You

SIMPLICITY: No contracts, no deposits, no hassle. We work to make your experience with us seamless, from phone purchase to set-up and service.

PERSONALIZATION: We offer a variety of easy-to-access plans to fit your lifestyle, whether you love bundled data or prefer the freedom of top-up as you go.

RELATIONSHIPS: We want to be the trusted source for you and your family’s wireless life. AirVoice Wireless is one of the few pre-paid wireless companies that prioritize quality customer support. Customer service is what sets AirVoice apart from many other prepaid providers.

Our Values

Our values reflect our commitment to you and our wider community.

RESPECT: Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority. We value everyone’s experience with us. Our friendly customer service team is ready to serve you and provide all the tools necessary for a seamless wireless experience.

INTEGRITY: We are committed to providing outstanding cellular service at an affordable rate, without compromising on quality.

SUSTAINABILITY: According to the EPA, in 2014 Americans threw away an estimated 416,000 phones every day. We want to help change that.
Better everyday